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Director: Nino Aldi


Starring: Jake Hunter, Adam Waheed, DeStorm Power

From Nino Aldi comes Tribes, a ten-minute short film focusing on three men who jump on a subway train with the intent of robbing everyone on board until something rears its head that puts the blockers on the heist - tribalism. The would-be robbers are comprised of an African-American man (Power), an Arab-American man (Waheed) and a white man (Hunter), none of whom are entirely comfortable with taking from “their people”, thus meaning decisions need to be made on the fly as time is running out before the train reaches its next stop.

Managing to fit more than it should be able to in ten minutes, Tribes is funny, sharp, cool, timely and very good all at the same time, dealing with societal issues without ever straying into preachy or on-the-nose territory.. Aldi directs the sequence with a smooth eye and maintains a consistent pace even when the...criteria for robbery is being discussed (who would’ve ever thought La La Land vs. Moonlight could be used in such a situation) whilst writer Andy Marlatt has crafted incisive dialogue that plays nicely into the comedic-dramatic tone that Tribes offers allowing the three leads to each have individual moments to shine. The three work well together as a trio with their performances complimenting each other, the direction and the script as well (the passengers, too, feel more than just background extras).

Offering solid laughs and a fresh look at the issues impacting our social environment, Tribes is well-worth your time and I would have happily watched another ten minutes on top of this...and another ten minutes...

For more info on Tribes, head to the following:



Tribes will be available via Short of the Week in 2021

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December 9th 2020

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