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Matt Hudson

Born: 1985, Woking, UK

Lives: Brentwood, UK

Enjoys: Football (it's called football, not soccer!), music, guitars, tea, donuts, Belgian beer

Factoids: Completed 2015 London Marathon, qualified Project Manager, support Southampton FC for my sins

It’s simple really, I love to watch movies, I love to talk movies, I love to critique movies, I love to debate movies. 

I love movies. 

That being said, I’ve nowhere to allow my movie brain ooze to leak everywhere, so the reason for WIWT existing is for me to review and talk movies, and share my thoughts with the world. I’ve always thought the great thing about movies (as with all art) is that they are subjective – stories created that divide opinion, generate conversations in all corners of the internet (and the real world…), incite emotions, provide a platform to immerse yourself for a few short hours and probably end a few friendships/relationships and create new ones also – movies deliver a different experience for every viewer, and that to me is incredible.

I still remember my first cinema experience, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secrets of the Ooze at an Odeon in Bracknell, Berkshire, UK and really since then, I have loved watching movies and the escapism they provide.

Founded in 2016, WIWT will deliver movie reviews of all genres, age, size and provide an honest, critical review accompanied by a POPCORN rating – because who doesn’t enjoy a movie and popcorn?? 

Reviews aren’t to be taken personally, and opinions and comments are always welcome. Head to the Contact page for all the ways to talk movies!

I hope you enjoy What I Watched Tonight.